Welcome to our fun platform of UPMIUP. We never fail to deliver inspiring and attractive ads campaigns. we make sure to always looks up for having fun with the digital marketing trends and also benefit our business with it. We are the best platform for Businesses to enter the market or evolve in it efficiently. on the flip side, UPMIUP give a platform that has options to explore that are suitable for the users, their point of interest, and also gain understanding about it through a various online competition. UPMIUP provides Photo, Video, Text contests. These Contests contain rewards such as offers, promotional gifts, coupons, promotional merchandise, and a lot more to interest you. As UPMIUP has never disappointed its customer and never fail to satisfy them helped them build customer loyalty, UPMIUP provides users and businesses an essential service.

Image contest in UPMIUP

In this, the users or the business users can conduct image competition to promote them. For instance, the media in this contest is a picture In an image competition one can use their photographic talent or ant another capturable talent to participate and win remarkable rewards and fame. Competition can be of anything that can be captured in a photograph.

Video contest in UPMIUP

Video competitions are the platform for talented artists who perform with all their hearts. The media in this contest is video. So this is way different than what you see in an Image contest. This is the competition of moving images. This platform is open for everyone with the mind-blowing talent to show the rest world.

Text contest in UPMIUP

Participate with all your literature knowledge, you don’t necessarily have to be a wordsmith. To conclude you being good with words, you can conquer this competition.

Each competition will lead you to one destination. Therefore if won will be rewarded with offers, promotional gifts, coupons, promotional merchandise also be mentioned in the winner’s section.

Private contests

a user having a personalized profile on the platform of UPMIUP will be privileged to conduct their own contests. the one with this privilege can customize the online contests for their friends, family, businesses, etc. the user conducting promotions through some privately paid contests would be able to achieve the target audience and help get to their planned goals.

Let people know you

Everyone deserves fame! UPMIUP provides you with various options through contests. Like to advertise and market/promote your content so that you would reach out to people as many as it can. You wish it we make it. This platform has the technology to help you reach the maximum length of your targeted audience.

Exciting rewards

who does like winning and enjoying free gifts…? UPMIUP always make sure to appreciate their customer and to make them feel rewarded. It can be anything like rewards, free gifts, or promotional gifts. UPMIUP always makes sure you generate profit value and look for new brands, market trends, preferences, and many other things.

Interact with people

On the internet, connecting to new people is always fun. Extending the number of audiences is always beneficial for you. we help you create a big social crowd. we have an instant message feature for it used to interact with people and brands through messages, feedbacks, contests, etc.

Offers for you

We take care of your needs. our platform will serve you more, you don’t have to take much of any effort. UPMIUP we have made your promotion life much easier with all the tools and contest channels featured in our app. We make sure you don’t get disappointed.


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